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Currency prices are determined or are affected by a plethora of macro-economic factors like the interest rates, inflation, international trade, political sentiments and many more. Thus, the requirement of a trained and experienced guide is paramount for customers who wish to trade in currency. An in-depth understanding of currency exchange and its after-effects on future trading and hedging is necessary for gaining sustainable benefits in currency trading.

We, at Passion, have currency market veterans who understand the political sentiments and the macro-economic state of trading partners of India. And, on the basis of their rich experience and expertise, they guide customers to channelize their investments to the right product or set of products (portfolio).

Customers can avail for currency trading with any volume of investments. However, the returns being multiplicative, higher the investments higher would be the profits.

Why Passion?

Dedicated Research & Consultancy – The Passion group has a full-fledged research wing that analyses the trends and seasonality in the currency markets, and models out the key and hot portfolios where in customers can invest in and earn sustainable returns out of it. Customers can opt for one-on-one conversation with our team of expert professionals to understand the nitty-gritty of the foreign exchange transactions, and its correlation on various political and economic factors.

We, at Passion, encourage and reward research and innovation in the field of trading. And, it is our market know-how which provides a point of difference among the other competitors. Apart from that, the vulnerability of the FOREX market makes it almost impossible for any firm or entity to drive the market single handed. This makes the currency market highly competitive and volatile - a perfect recipe for research and analysis.

Abundance of product portfolio – The Passion Group provides to all its customers a wide range of options to trade in currencies. All currencies traded on MCX-SX can be considered by the customers. They are also made aware of the current fluctuations in the currency pricings and the forecasted valuations. Also, based on certain statistical and analytical research, certain portfolios are designed catering to customers from all demography. These portfolios are strategized in such a way that the risk factor associated in one is negated by the positive sentiments in the other products of the portfolio.

Robust & Online trading platform – The Group understands and appreciates the fact that many a time, customers are not adept in the technical front. As a result of that, we have designed an online platform which is hassle free and extremely easy to operate. Customers can log in and create their online trading account. The platform has the flexibility for single-code as well as multi-code trading. Clients can trade online and at the same time, maintain a dashboard view of separate portfolios so that all their investments are easily traced and managed.

Round-the-clock customer support – The Passion group provides efficient and reliable customer support from 8 AM till midnight. During this time frame, customers can feel free to call the customer support team for any query or guidance required for trading. All the queries would be taken care on priority basis and tracked to closure.

We also have designed a special department for taking care of customer grievances and dissatisfactions. This responsibility has been shouldered by the senior management so as to ensure that all processes and services are streamlined as per customer expectations.