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The key trait required for successfully and profitably trading in equity, is to understand the market sentiments. An optimal mix of risk and return is a mandate to ensure sustainable profits gained from investing in equities.

The Passion Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd being a fully owned subsidiary of the Passion Group is entrusted with this responsibility to gauge the market opportunities and to tap on to them. We at Passion understand and acknowledge the market uncertainty associated with equity trading and consult our customers accordingly.

Why Passion?

We at Passion aim to provide the best in class facilities and offerings to our customers. Our product and service portfolio are differentiated from the market in many ways, a few of which are described below:-

1)  Advisory & Consultation– All customers are not alike in terms of their investing appetite and wealth creation patterns. We understand and abide by the difference in opinion of our customers and tailor our services accordingly. There are customers who are potent investors and are keen to obtain the market dynamics for efficient execution of trade. Apart from them, there are also customers who are not well versed with the game of trading, and hence seek for expert advice and opinion from expert brokers and researchers. To cater to all the customers’ desires, the Passion Group has instated a research wing where in experienced veterans of trading performs several high profile market studies so as to pre-empt its behaviour and trade accordingly.

At Passion, we consult clients based on their spending and risk taking appetite. Through in depth discussions, we attempt to gauge their expectations from the transactions and advice on the same lines. We advice customers on the following key yardsticks:-

   • Understanding the investment needs and the expectations that a client have from the trading exercise

   • Holistic research on the market using best in class statistical tools and techniques and recommending the investment opportunities which suits the customer the most

   • The pros and cons of each opportunity so as to give a true picture to the customer and maintain complete transparency in his investment plan

   • Continuous monitoring of the stocks or portfolios by the Risk Management Cell so that the customers could be informed about the progress of his funds.

2)  Research & Development – The Passion Group encourages and rewards research in the field of trading and stock exchanges. In order to promote extensive research in this field, we have set up a dedicated wing for research which is equipped with qualified and trained research staff with a rich market experience of more than 20 years. The veterans keep a close eye on the bearish and bullish nature of the stock movements using sophisticated analytical tools and techniques. With the aim of creating and maximizing wealth and long term economic security to our customers, we provide the customers the true snapshot of the market. Customers are free to consult the researchers and discuss on their investment needs. A few key highlights of our research team includes:-

   • Regular update calls held on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Extensive research reports are published on regular interval of time to educate customers about the prospect market opportunities and banes.

   • High-tech and extremely sophisticated analytical tools and methodologies employed to estimate the market sensitivity.

   • One-to-one discussions with customers about the overall market scenario and the current hot stocks or portfolios which can be leveraged

   • Highly qualified, internationally certified and experienced panellists.

3) Multiple Trading Platforms – The Group presents to its customers an easy, convenient and hassle-free trading platform where in customers can trade anywhere, anytime with multiple products available on a single platform. Customers can create an online trading account with minimal hassles and get started. The platform also has illustrations on how to trade online. A few of the salient features of the trading platforms are enumerated below:-

   • High speed platforms with the facility of single code as well as multi-code operations

   • A single holistic and exhaustive platforms for multiple services

   • Opportunity to trade through affiliates and branch dealings with branches all across the country

   • Separate portfolios to keep track of the investments

   • Call and trade services

4) Customer Support– – The Group has a robust and an exhaustive customer support department to cater to the personalized needs of each and every customer. The entire support group is segregated based on departments so as to ensure high quality and prompt services at the need of the customer. The support team consists of technically adept, proficient and experienced professionals who understands the nitty gritty of the market. Customers can contact the support services via telephone, mobile sms, and live chat as well via remote connectivity. The help line number is active from 8 AM in the morning till midnight. The Group has also incorporated a grievance cell where in customers can lodge their complaints and dissatisfactions. This cell is being monitored by the top management who would prioritize each and every aspect of the problems and track them to closure.