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Account Opening

1. Clarification of products & schemes at the time of account opening


2. Clarification of documents required to open an account


3. Clarification of information like User id, Passwords, DP Id, Bank Details etc. post opening of account


4. Clarification of software installation & it’s usage


5. Over all experience during account opening process in terms of time taken & convenience



1. Experience in using the trading software


2. Features in trading software


3. Speed of bhav updation in trading software


4. Order Confirmation Speed


5. Experience with Call & Trade Dealers



1. Are the back office reports easy to understand?


2. Is contract note received on time?


3. Do you get the margin & billing information via SMS?


4. Are the funds transferred by you updated on time?


5. Is the funds payout request processed on time?


Customer Care Services

1. Was your call attended in the 1st time?


2. Were you able to reach the concerned department without any inconvenience?


3. Were your queries solved in the 1st Call made by you?


4. Was the behavior of customer care executive helpful & courteous?


5. Were you satisfied with the customer care services?



1. How would you rate the design of our website ""


2. How do you rate the website in terms of information availability



How would rate your overall experience with Passion Group


Any Suggestion which you will like to give.